Bremer Bay is a picturesque coastal town located about two hours east of Albany; filled with beautiful beaches with pristine turquoise waters and sand so fine it squeaks when you walk across it.

Bremer Bay Dive and Sports, established in 1994, is the oldest PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) teaching faculty on the south coast and the proprieter has done a massive amount of research on seadragons and their conservation in this area of Australia.

Our shop has diving and water sport equipment available to hire or buy. We also offer escorted dives and all diving courses from basic open water to advanced modules.

If you have no experience you can do the Discover Scuba course which requires no previous qualifications.

There are many dive sites in Bremer Bay for you to choose from such as the highly popular dive trail located in Little Boat Harbour which includes: stingrays, carpet of sausages, neon slugs, striped fish, seadragons, and more. Throughout all the dive sites you can also see a wide variety of temperate water species of fish, nudibranchs, large areas of hard coral, soft coral, and prolific sponge life. You can come into the shop for more information on all dive sites.

With different headlands facing different directions you can usually dive in most weather conditions.