Guided Dive Tours

There are many very accessible Shore Dives in the Bremer area ranging from the Dive Trail to the Back Beach Bommie.

We provide a guide (known locally as the dragon whisperer) on our special seadragon dives and other dives as required.

A unique experience is the guided “scooter” dive out to the plate coral with perhaps weedy and leafy seadragons along the way for the lucky diver.

This costs $50 for a single diver per dive or $40 per person per dive for two or more divers. Does not include equipment.

Book your Guided Dive Tour now by emailing:

4 thoughts on “Guided Dive Tours

  1. Hi Craig
    Marek Green has given me your details to book my son Jaxon in for a dive in Bremer somewhere between 29thDec-1st Jan , please can you send me details and availability ?

    • Hi Naomi
      Yes that shouldn’t be a problem, will pencil you in for that period. Not sure if you have your own gear so if He needs it a full set from head to toe is $80.00 for the day. For the escorted dive I charge if it is just one person it is $45.00 per person per dive or if two or more it is $40.00 per person per dive.
      I will put you on the calendar and when you get here if you drop into the shop we can organize a proper time and day as diving is always weather dependent.
      If I can be of further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

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