Commerical Diving

We provide a full range of Commercial services ranging from Mooring checks and installation to hull cleaning, visual inspections on hull and underwater piping, underwater construction, underwater removal or salvage and removal of sand or buried obstructions.


  • Pneumatic Drill, angle grinder, air hammer, air wrench
  • Suction Dredges (1 x 4 inch, 1 x 2 inch)
  • Air lift
  • Assortment of lift bags from 20 kg to 500 kg
  • Water jet
  • Underwater metal detectors x 2
  • Pumps x4 — 2 x inch inlet/outlet, 1 x 2 inch inlet/outlet floating, 1 x 1 inch inlet/outlet
  • 4.6m Zodiac working platform

Please contact us for rates and charges:

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